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Dzyuba Nadya

Ph.D, associate professor

Zemlyakova Elena

assistant professor

Postrigan Kyrylo

master student at the Depertment of innovative technologies of nutrition and restaurant-hotel and tourist business

National Academy of  Food Technologies




In recent years the process of European integration of Ukraine as a factor of socio-economic development of the state significantly affects all the activities of the food industry particularly in the restaurant business. This will primarily affect the requirements for food products, indicators of quality which must comply with European standards, to be attractive, competitive and functionally significant.

Today, the problem of chemical pollution of the environment and the internal environment of the body is extremely important and demands the new evidence-based approaches to address it. Theories linking the development of many diseases with the deficiency of macro - and micronutrients are related to the most modern scientific developments and the elimination of their deficiency through the fortification of food products with essentially new properties is becoming increasingly popular due to the extensive developmentin nanobiotechnology in recent years.

This fully applies to the production of products with porous structure, which can functionally affect the human body. In this product there may be pastry, which in its composition can combine different functional plant and animal raw materials. The use of such raw material which is traditionally used in the production of flour confectionery products due to the instability of its technological properties, the growing cost, limited shelf life of products based on them have become a limiting factor that does not satisfy the requirements of modern manufacturers.

Unstable nutritional status of a person leads to disruption of biological processes in the body that affects the condition of all organs and systems. The violation of native assimilation offood components leads to the development of various pathologies, among which a significant place securethe disease of the joints. To correct such conditions is a topical introduction to the formulation of products of biologically active components able to be easily digested. On the condition of the joints affects the quality of collagen fibers formed in the human body, thus, it is urgent to develop products which in their composition contain easily digestible proteins or amino acids such as hydroxyproline and oxilin.

The aim of our work is to develop an integrated approach for modeling new formulations of pastry-type muffin.

In the simulation formulas used both traditional raw materials and thenew for this product hydrolyzed collagen – gluten. In most cases, the hydrolysates of collagen contain extracts partially-treated joint tissues of mammals, birds, fish or marine animals. Numerous examinations show that these substances are not able to fully satisfy the body's need for amino acids and so do not contribute to the active synthesis of collagen in the required quantities. Artificially created specimens are not only able to give people benefits, but also can harm them. It is known that in the presence of atomic oxygen and vitamin C, lysine and proline of collagen and its hydrolysis products are oxidized to hydroxyproline and auxilio that take part in formed collagen fibers in the human body.

To model the formulations of muffin we have applied linear programming in spreadsheet application Open Office Calc, the main task was the construction of the corresponding mathematical model, comprising the following steps:

  • the definition of research objectives;
  • the choice of optimality criterion;
  • identification of the main restrictions;
  • mathematical formalization.

The main criteria for the selection of raw materials for muffins arehigh nutritional value and the possible combinations of components in order to obtain a product with high biological value and high organoleptic characteristics.

Optimizing compounding components for the designed compositions of muffin that corresponded to the requirements ofa balanced diet at a ratio of proteinwas obtained:carbohydrate = 1:3 wt. %: wheat flour – 45, butter – 13, egg – 5, gluten – 8, kernels walnuts – 8 raisins – 6, candied cherry – 3.

The gain formulation of the composite mixture correspondingthe standards of a balanced diet and ensure the complete arrival of essential components in the muffin consumption in the mass of 75 g. Analysis of indicators showedhigh quality characteristics of obtained muffin. It is established that at the observance of all requirements to quality of raw material, applying the developed modes of technological processes, terms and conditions of storage and sale, the products are corresponded to the norms of state standards.

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